Reviews. Photographer in Paris

Валерия К

Безмерно благодарна за потрясающие снимки, Катя невероятная, спасибо ! Вдохновление в каждой фотографии💔

Reviews. Photographer in Paris

Weronika Frycz

Thank you for creating such beautiful memories! We highly recommend Ecaterina’s services to anyone looking for a talented and professional photographer. We had the most wonderful experience for our’s couple photoshoot !

Reviews. Photographer in Paris

Jibon Kiesha

I didn’t know I can be so comfortable in front of the camera with the help of you , from now on you’re the only photographer who’s allowed to take pictures of me. 10/10 experience with such a talented person.

Reviews. Photographer in Paris

Amanda Hess

Ekaterina is an incredible artist, my husband and I enjoyed so much the experience, and felt very comfortable and happy throughout the whole process. The results are also amazing and beautiful, we can’t choose the favorite ones ❤️

Reviews. Photographer in Paris

Daria Bobrova

Was incredible to work with Katya, super easy, with a good vibe, her advices helped me a lot. Even now I use some of her "posing" tips. She know how to find a perfect light and to show all your best sides. I use these photos everywhere now, because I look sooo beautiful there. And I received so many comments and likes in Instagram as never, haha. That's 100% true. Love to work with you! Love how you see me! Hope to work together agains soon. Thank you for al my heart!!!

Reviews. Photographer in Paris

Zoia Morozova

Katya is the best photographer you could ask for! She helped me relax with posing, so the process of the shooting was really fun. Even if you don’t know what to do in the photos, she will guide you through. As for result, I can say that this is one of my favourite photoshoots ever! The photos turned out magical and unique. I can’t thank Katya enough.

Reviews. Photographer in Paris

Анна Шаматава


Спасибо за проделанную работу. Каждая фотография очень необычная , выбрать лучшую очень сложно 🫣❤️🙏🙏Не думала что с моим мужем получаться такие красивые кадры , так как он не любитель фотографироваться 😅😅Спасибо 🙏🙏🙏

Reviews. Photographer in Paris



Мы с Катей провели невероятное мартовское Парижское утро - она чуткий фотограф и приятный человек - мне безумно понравилось поработать вместе и создать на память такие невероятные фотографии! Спасибо большое за эмоции и хорошее настроение!

Reviews. Photographer in Paris



Благодарю за прекрасные и живые кадры, которые сохранят в памяти наш важный и трепетный этап в жизни !

Reviews. Photographer in Paris


OMG! I am so obsessed with the photos. I am in love with the vibe, the colour and everything. Nobody can take photos of us from now on except Kate:D This is amazing! Thank you so much for this! Lifetime experience xoxo

Reviews. Photographer in Paris



Катя, ты нереальная! Так увидеть, так красиво раскрыть, так расположить к себе и к процессу на фотосъемке, что реально забываешь обо всем и погружаешься в эту атмосферу - это талант. Спасибо огромное! Просто нет слов от восторга. Никогда себя такой не видела и не осознавала.

Reviews. Photographer in Paris


Катя, это потрясающие фото. От некоторых бежали мурашки, мы сидели вдвоём и улыбались. Просто восторг ❤️